Monday, February 6, 2017

Character Iterations (In Progress)

Character Breakdown

Name: Ice Cream

Myers Brigg: INFP 

Language: Vietnamese, English

Race: Human? Multi-cultural? Witch? Wizard? Magic User? (She found out when was thrown into another dimension)

Gender: Demi-fluid

Pronouns: Doesn’t mind female pronouns, doesn't really care

Touch Stone: Special Agent George Huang, M.D. (SVU), Misty Day (AHS), Daisy Johnson ( Marvel AOS), Leo Fitz (Marvel AOS), Little Prince (Little Prince)

Metaphor: Pygmy Slow Loris  <—————  (They secrete toxic armpit sweat :D)
Slow Lorises are one of the two mammals that can secrete venom (the other being a platypus). Centuries ago they were considered as the gate keepers of heaven. They are slow moving (similar to sloths) but can move quickly when necessary. They have the, “I go at my own pace,” feel. They are omnivores and operate at night (nocturnal). When they sleep during the day, they curl up tiny balls. They have big o’l eyes with a reflective sheen like cats. If you are allergic to cats, these guys will definitely kill you.

Profession: Illustration College Student

Chinese: Boar
Rising: Sagittarius 
Sun: Leo

Physical Characteristics:

Stats: Slow paced, 

Height: 5’ 0”

Weight: 135 lbs

Eye Color:

Hair color: Grey/Silver/Almost Platinum

Distinctive Feature: Has a nice voice? 5 eyes
Short Term Goals: Graduate college

Long Term Goal: Create stories that help those going through tough times

Religion: Buddhist

Spiritual Beliefs: Relativity, everything is connected,

Confidence Level: Not very confident but would like to seem functional

Hobbies: Singing (belting) in the shower, doll repainting, Reading Porn 24/7

Talents: Can fade into the background in 75% social gatherings, confuse people with words, predicting people, feeling out the ju ju,
Powers: No idea because she just found out she's a magic user ( still haven't figured it out yet)


“Can you leave me the flub alone, please?”

She was born in the big city of Phượng Hoàng, located in the desert. Her family were refugees due to a war that went against their values. She grew up two estranged workaholic parents, a younger brother who looks up to her but doesn’t really talk to her, and a crazy paternal grandmother that loves to brainwash people by telling them lies. She grew up in a pretty middle class family. She left home to go to college out of state.

Ice Cream often likes to be alone and keeps to herself. She rarely goes out to have fun but when she does she does it with her best friend. She often has a keen exterior and words but is actually is a sweet heart. Despite her realist and negative nelly attitude she is actually an idealist and very sensitive to others. She is a passionately caring person and selflessly cares for others. This is all based on her buddhist values she has learned as a child. Despite her easy going nature, there is a burning passion underneath it. Kind of like a pandora’s box. She can never make a decision but when she does she proceeds with it whole heartedly. 

She often avoids (really hates conflict) confrontation and seeks peace (95 % of the time). However this makes it difficult for her to realize she has been disrespected because she would like to see the good in others. Once she gets past the rose colored glasses and takes them off and turns pretty mean.

While she is working, she is imaginative, idealistic and creative. She generate endless possibilities and ideas. Her thought process is profound and abstract.She works well alone but can work with others when needed. She has too high of a standard for herself and strives for perfection, integrity and honesty. She must do something that is fulfilling and meaningful to her or she’d be depressed. Yeah, she’s idealistic.

She often makes decisions based on logic and her gut. If they conflict she just goes with her gut.

She loves to learn and can learn pretty well on her own.

Also, pretty socially awkward.

Best Quality: Empathetic
Worst Quality: Very slow paced